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Portachiavi pon-pon in pelliccia

Murmasky pom-pom key ring

38,00 €
A fancy “POM-POM” to enrich your favourite bag.
A really soft key ring to cuddle
It is easy to find it in the bottom of your inseparable bag but it is also a charm to make it unique!
It is definitely a perfect idea for a gift.
Portachiavi pon-pon in pelliccia
Portachiavi pon-pon in pelliccia
Portachiavi pon-pon in pelliccia: fragola
Portachiavi pon-pon in pelliccia: verde

Absolutely "MADE IN ITALY"

COLOUR: Strawberry, green.
MATERIAL: Murmasky*
SIZE: About 20 cm circa

They are completely handmade, for this reason they are UNIQUE!

* There could be some size and colour variations due to the naturalness of the fur.

Gift box:

Gift box Nicola Pelliccerie Gift box Nicola Pelliccerie

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