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Nicola Pelliccerie avails itself of skilled professionals, able to create the menswear and womenswear of your dreams. Overcoats, jackets, shirts, dresses, skirts, trousers, waistcoats, etc.
The handmade working of napa leather, suede, sheepskin is highly refined and it features prints and laser cuts. We also work special precious leather such as: ostrich, eel, deer, snake, etc.
The shop features a wide range of ready-to-wear furs, but it can also make the tailor-made article of clothing you have always dreamed of: fox, marmot, mink, chinchilla, sable, marten, etc.
The workshop takes care of the renewal of all your articles of clothing, for instance: shaping, shrinking, stretching, repairing, etc.
It also offers safe-keeping services in summer and cleaning of furs.

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